ESPR Awards









             ESPR Gold medal: Richard Fotter          ESPR Honorary Members: Rose de Bruyn




         ESPR Honorary Members: Goya Enriquez   ESPR Honorary Members: Cristian Garcia




       ESPR Honorary Members: Paul Kleinman    ESPR Honorary Members: George Taylor



Poster Award:

Claudio Fonda, Marzia Mortilla, Antonio Ciccarone

University Children’s Hospital Meyer, Florence, Italy

3T Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL) in Pediatric Patients

Claudio Fonda, Marzia Mortilla, Antonio Ciccarone

University Children's Hospital Meyer


Jacque Lefèbvre Award:

Carmina Duran Feliubadalo

UDIAT-CD, Sabadell, Spain

Voiding Urosonography : Normal and Abnormal Appearance of the Urethra

Carmina Duran Feliubadaló, Luis Riera Soler, Cesar Martin Martinez, Francesc Novell Teixido


Presidents Award:

Shonit Punwani

University College London

MRI vs. PET/CT for detection of focal splenic lesions in paediatric and adolescent lymphoma at initial staging

Shonit Punwani, King Kenneth Cheung, Nicholas Skipper, Alan Bainbridge, Stuart Taylor, Ashley Groves, Sharon Hain, Simona Ben-Haim, Ananth Shankar, Paul Humphries

University College London

Young Researcher Award:

Neil Gupta

University of Coventy and Warwickshire NHS Trust, Coventry UK

Predictors of vesicoureteric reflux in infants with UTI using NICE criteria

Neil Gupta, Osama Abulaban, Tom Goodfellow, Emma Helm

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust


SPR Awards








                SPR Gold Medal: Carol Rumack




                 SPR Pioneer Award: Massoud Majd




                  SPR Presidential Recognition Awards: Kimberly Applegate





                  SPR Presidential Recognition Awards: Keith Strauss




                  SPR Singleton-Taybi Award: Ralph Lachman




                SPR Honorary Members: Madan Rehani




                  SPR Honorary Members: Catherine Owens





Caffey Award for Best Clinical Science Paper
Quantitative Assessment of Blood Flow with 4D Phase-Contrast MRI and Autocalibrating Parallel Imaging Compressed Sensing, Albert Hsiao, Stanford University, Michael Lustig, Marcus Alley, Mark Murphy, Shreyas Vasanawala


Caffey Award for Best Basic Science Paper
An MR System for Imaging Neonates in the NICU, Jean Tkach, Randy Giaquinto, Wolfgang Loew, Ronald Pratt, Barret Daniels, Blaise Jones, Lane Donnelly, Charles Dumoulin, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center


John Kirkpatrick Young Investigator Award
Incidence and Etiology of New Liver Lesions in Pediatric Patients Previously Treated for Malignancy, Ethan Smith, Sheila Salisbury, Rose Martin, Alexander Towbin, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center


Honorable Mention - Clinical Science
Quantification of the Distribution of the Normal Human Fetal Circulation using MRI, Mike Seed, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Christopher Macgowan, Lars Grosse-Wortmann, Derek Wong, Grattan Michael, Edgar Jaeggi, Susan Blaser, Shi-Joon Yoo


Honorable Mention - Basic Science
Assessment of Cortical Bone Loss with Quantitative Ultrasound, Peripheral CT and Micro-CT in Post Mortem Knee Specimens of a Rabbit Model of Inflammatory Arthritis, Afsaneh Amirabadi, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Jackson Wang, Christopher Gordon, Christopher Tomlinson, Marc Grynpas, Rahim Moineddin, Andrea Doria





Caffey Award for Best Scientific Exhibit
Updated Estimated Radiation Dose for Pediatric Nuclear Medicine Studies, Frederick Grant, Children's Hospital, Boston, Laura Drubach, S. Ted Treves, Fred Fahey


Caffey Award for Best Educational Exhibit
Button Battery Ingestion in Children:  What the Radiologist Must Know, Mariam Kappil, Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Cynthia Rigsby, Martha Saker, Emma Boylan


Caffey Award for Best Case Report Exhibit
MR Imaging Features of Fetal Mediastinal and Intrapericardial Teratomas, Eva Rubio, Children's National Medical Center, Washington, DC, Beth Kline-Fath, Maria Calvo-Garcia, Carolina Guimares


Certificates of Merit



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of the joint Societies of Paediatric Radiology
27-31 May 2011, Metropole Hilton Hotel, London


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