The sessions which took place in the main Kings 1 Lecture theatre were recorded and are now available to view as “Talking Slides” – with the session audio accompanying the powerpoint slide presentation.


Some speakers have not given permission to use their presentations and other speakers have not yet responded to confirm if they are happy for their session to be made available.  We are still awaiting a response from these presenters. The status of each presentation will be clearly marked.


Please note, none of the sunrise sessions, task force session, or afternoon sessions in King’s 2 were recorded.





Quicktime: In order to play the presentations you will require the latest version of Quicktime to play the presentations.  To download a copy of Quicktime please visit www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ and select the appropriate version for your operating system

Download from here




The Presentations: Click on the links below to view the Congress Presentations in Kings 1.  Please note, none of the sunrise sessions, task force session, or afternoon sessions in King’s 2 were recorded.


Optimised for Mac/Ipad & Most up to date PC's running Quicktime

Day 1 http://www.talkingslides.co.uk/ipr2011/program_day_1.html
Day 2 http://www.talkingslides.co.uk/ipr2011/program_day_2.html
Day 3 http://www.talkingslides.co.uk/ipr2011/program_day_3.html
Day 4 http://www.talkingslides.co.uk/ipr2011/program_day_4.html
Day 5 http://www.talkingslides.co.uk/ipr2011/program_day_5.html


If you are having trouble playing the above presentation then please use the links below optimised for older PC's running Windows Media Player

Day 1 http://www.talkingslides.co.uk/ipr2011/program_day_1_win.html
Day 2 http://www.talkingslides.co.uk/ipr2011/program_day_2_win.html
Day 3 http://www.talkingslides.co.uk/ipr2011/program_day_3_win.html
Day 4 http://www.talkingslides.co.uk/ipr2011/program_day_4_win.html
Day 5 http://www.talkingslides.co.uk/ipr2011/program_day_5_win.html


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6th Congress and Exhibition
of the joint Societies of Paediatric Radiology
27-31 May 2011, Metropole Hilton Hotel, London


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European Society of Paediatric Radiology


The Society for Pediatric Radiology

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