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DAY 1 – FRIDAY 27 MAY 2011

Registration for the conference opens at 10am

Kings 1, Metropole Hilton Hotel

Ultrasound summit


Kings 2, Metropole Hilton Hotel

Radiation Safety Summit

13.30 – 15.40







Mike Riccabona ESPR

Brian Coley SPR

Honorary moderators:

Rose De  Bruyn ESPR

Carol Rumack SPR


13.30 – 15.35







Marilyn Goske SPR

Richard Fotter ESPR

Honorary Moderators:

Paul Shrimpton HPA

Professor Willi Kalender

13.30 – 13.35


Introduction:  Riccabona/Coley



13:30 – 13:35


Introduction:  Fotter/Goske


13.35 – 13.55


Updates in neurosonography:

Corrine Veyrac



13:35 – 14:00


Quo vadis CT?

Professor  Willi Kalender (Erlangen University)


14.00 – 14.20


Updates in neonatal GI ultrasound:

Alan Daneman SPR 



14:00 – 14:25


CT dosimetry - why do we need it and what do we want to know?  Paul Shrimpton HPA

14.20 – 14-40


Transcranial doppler - Paediatric applications:

Suzanne Verhlac



14:25 – 14:45


Nuclear medicine and PET/CT - justification and optimization:

Helen Nadel SPR 


14:40 – 15:00


Ultrasound of the paediatric chest:

Goya Enriquez ESPR



14:50 – 15:05


Interventional radiology: /fluoroscopy/digital radiology:

Derek Roebuck ESPR 


15:00 – 15:20


Updates in paediatric renal sonography:

Freddy Avni  ESPR



15:05 – 15:25


Update on the new patient dose index: Keith Strauss SPR

15:20 – 15:35

Contrast agents: Paediatric applications: Beth McCarville SPR 





15.40 – 16.00


16:00 – 16:20



Updates in paediatric bowel sonography: 

Kassa Darge SPR


15.50 –16.20



CT protocols, the balance between dose and quality -  Fit for purpose:

Richard Fotter  ESPR

16:20 – 16:40


Neonatal spine – how to do it:

Harriet Paltiel SPR



16:20 – 16:40


Oncology protocols  - How can we do better?

 Sue Kaste SPR


16:45 – 17:05


Updates in paediatric 3D/4D ultrasound:

Michael Riccabona ESPR



16:40 – 17:10


International outreach

Marilyn Goske SPR
Maria del Rosario Perez WHO

Madan Rehani IAEA

17:05 – 17:40


Musculoskeletal  ultrasound - new paediatric applications:  

Professor Carlo Martinoli


17:15 – 18:00

IPR  Debate:
Should we consent patients for radiation?

Judge: Willi Kalender and Paul Shrimpton
Panel: Marilyn Goske, Richard Fotter, Maria del Rosario Perez WHO, Madan Rehani IAEA
Yes: Rutger Jan Nievelstein ESPR
No:  Don Frush SPR

17:40 – 18:00


The future of paediatric ultrasound:

Brian Coley  SPR



18:00 – 20:00

WELCOME RECEPTION -  St Mary's Hospital, Praed Street, London, W2 1NY

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Symposium, Hilton A/B, Metropole Hilton Hotel


Moderators:  Moderators Clarissa Pilkington, Karen Rosendahl ESPR


14.00 – 16.00

14.00                           Recent advances in the treatment of JIA – the role of imaging. Clarissa Pilkington,                                    Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist

14.20                           Imaging in JIA - what can we learn from the OMERACT group? The OMERACT RA MRI                                    scoring (RAMRIS) system. Lecturer TBC

14.40                           Ultrasound in the diagnosis of JIA - description of a simplified wrist score and

                                   technological advances on data quantification related to the introduction of isotropic-voxel

                                   volumetric systems. Professor Carlo Martinoli

15.00                           New research that might inform a novel MRI scoring system for disease activity in                                    children. LS Ording Muller, PhD fellow, ESPR 

15.20                           A novel scoring system for JIA based on MRI and XR – not exactly straightforward.

                                   Professor Karen Rosendahl

15.40                           Discussion - steps forward




















6th Congress and Exhibition
of the joint Societies of Paediatric Radiology
27-31 May 2011, Metropole Hilton Hotel, London


Organised by:


European Society of Paediatric Radiology


The Society for Pediatric Radiology

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